Administrative-office center VS ENERGY


Registration of the land lot for commissioning and service of the administrative building.

Land lot area: 0,32 hectares.
Office center area: 6500 m².
Location: Hospitalna St., Kyiv.



  • The land lot is located in the Central historical area of Kyiv. In regards to that there appeared a necessity to obtain additional permits from the Kyiv City State Administration.
  • Earlier, the Kyiv City Council issued permit for the land lot project development for 5 years.


As a part of legal support we represented the client interests before the Kyiv City State Administration Department of Land Resources; Department of Urban Development and Architecture; Department of Culture; Kyiv State Geocadastre; Committee of Urban Development, Architecture and Land Use and other third parties.

The legal support included:

  • obtaining approval from the Kyiv City Council, for the land planning project development;
  • the land planning project development for the land lot acquisition;
  • forming a new land lot and registration of it with the State Land Cadastre;
  • land lot transfer for rent;
  • signing the land lot rent contract.

As the result of our cooperation, the land lot was transferred for rent for 15 years.

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