Church of the Tithes (Church of the Dormition of the Virgin)


Legal support of the project for renewal of Church of the Tithes foundation and the improvement of the adjoining territory.

Location: Volodymyrska St., Kyiv.



The object belongs to the protected archaeological zone of the national designation and to the objects of cultural heritage of national importance. It is a monument of architecture, archeology, history and art.


At the NGO “Andriivsky Landscape Initiative” initiative and within the social project “Zrobymo razom!”, we went through all the stages of obtaining the permit documents in accordance to the local government legal acts. We carried out the legal support for obtaining the permit documents needed to start the foundation contour renewal.

We also developed a scheme for executing the complex of works for the adjacent territories microclimate improvement. Because of our participation in the project, all the territory around of the Ukraine National Historical Museum is nowadays the pride of the Capital historical part.

Regardless of the project scale, we fulfill all our obligations!


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