Office center


Renewal of the land lot rental agreement for further exploitation of the office center.

Land plot area: 0,15 hectares.
Office center area: 2400 m².
Location: Bohdana Khmelnytskoho St., Kyiv.



  • The land user was represented by a foreign business entity. According to the current legislation, such representation is not a legal entity and does not carry out economic business activity. In all cases it acts on behalf of the foreign business entity. Thus, the land lot was transferred to the foreign entity.
  • Complaints from the neighboring new building were aimed at providing a passage to their building through the land lot of our client - creation of easement.
  • Our opponents referred to the rules of good neighborliness, which regulate the relationship between the owner (land user) of neighboring land lots.


The land lot rent contract was renewed for 15 years without raising the case at the plenary session of the Kyiv City Council. The case for the land lot renewal for 15 years was resolved at the committee session of the Kyiv City Council for Urban Development, Architecture and Land Use.

We also argued that the requirements for easement creation were groundless, as the land lots of our client and their opponent were not adjacent.

The Kyiv City Council deputies made a decision to renew the land lot rent in those terms without easement creation.

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